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Our investment portfolio consists of three key segments: real estate, fin tech and sci tech, with the share of real estate projects in the portfolio accounting for approximately 80%. We create investment projects that are both highly opportunistic and based on a conservative model.

The assumed investment period is 12-60 months. The exit strategy depends on the profile of the project, its segment and the market situation.

Fin Tech

Fin Tech or financial technology

is a term given to companies providing financial services, whose product or service is based on technology.

Merchant Cash Advance is one of the most innovative products in alternative business financing. The concept has only been around for a few years, but is already very popular among retailers and the entertainment sector. Simply put, the cash loan for the merchant uses their card terminal to “secure” the loans – an ideal solution for businesses that do not have a lot of assets but have a large number of card transactions each month. The repayments are then treated as part of their revenue, making it a quick and easy financing solution for many businesses.

New Technologies

Predict Systems Sp. z o.o. is a technology company

that creates solutions from the EdTech segment based on machine learning and artificial algorithms.

Predict’s R&D activity focuses on the issues of maximizing knowledge retention and individualization of the learning process based on the characteristics of the recipient.

The company received a grant from the National Center for Research and Development for the implementation of the project:

“An educational tool in the form of a mobile application and web platform using the gamification model, machine learning and data science solutions”.

Hôtels & Préférence Szklarska

Polish Mountain Resort Szklarska Sp. z o.o. Sp. K

was established based on many years of experience gained by EVIP Group and its partners, both on the real estate and capital markets.

  • The investment is being developed on a land plot with an area of 2.6 acres
  • Usable area of approx. 17 500 sq. m
  • The usable area of the rooms is approx. 7 500 sq. m
  • Standardization 4 *
  • Commencement of construction works: Q2 2021
  • Commencement of operating activities: Q2 2023
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New Egde Estate

The New Edge investment is a private estate of luxury villas

located on a plot of over one hectare surrounded by green areas and single-family housing.

The sophisticated design of the estate is intended for people looking for a family home with a cutting-edge and original architecture kept in a modernist style.

New Edge is a unique investment in Konstancin-Jeziorna, consisting of vilas with well-thought-out and varied interior layouts. Two-story houses have an area of 240 sq. m. to 354 sq. m., with a ground floor height between 320 cm and 647 cm, and the second floor height of 290 cm. Each house has a two-car garage.

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Senior Care Center

Project Your Home Konstancin

is a retirement home located in a health resort near Warsaw, with the highest standard equipment and a wide range of services.

The special purpose vehicle Your Home Konstancin was established to implement the investment. The investment project consists of building a complex of buildings that will function as the Senior Care Center in Habdzin (commune Konstancin-Jeziorna). In October 2018, a decision was issued approving the design and granting a building permit for the building along with the external infrastructure. Construction works have been underway since November 2018. In the first phase of the investment, the Company will build a facility with a total area of 3,360 sq. m., consisting of 60 1-, 2- and 3-person rooms (130 places in total) with external infrastructure – a large garden and parking for visitors of the center. At present, the building has reached the closed development stage.

Głogowska Dormitories

Głogowska Dormitories is an investment project

involving the construction of student housing on a real estate property located in the very center of Poznań.

The property has a valid Zoning Decision, encompassing a place of collective residence, a student house with services. The plot is equipped in all media and has access to a public road. The project’s absorptive capacity fluctuates around 3 032 PUM (usable floor area) to max. 3 500 PUM, which translates into the possibility of building 162 residential units. An additional 500 GLA (gross leasable area) will be obtained by adapting the front building for catering or service purposes. The assumed exit from the investment includes further resale of the property along with the prepared project, to an investment fund or entity specialized in investments in student housing or developing the project on our own before its resale. Currently the Partners have carried out preliminary meetings with the representatives of the above-mentioned entities that show great interest in the project.