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Complex Investment Solutions

Consulting & Investment Boutique

Complex Investment Solutions

Consulting & Investment Boutique

Complex Investment Solutions

Consulting & Investment Boutique

Complex Investment Solutions

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EVIP Consulting and Investment Boutique offers comprehensive investment solutions tailored to your needs and possibilities. Thanks to the combination of our experience with flexibility and an innovative approach, we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding clients.

EVIP Group existing on the market for over 35 years specializes in mergers and acquisitions, strategic consulting, acquisition of financing for clients as well as own projects and real estate investments. Over the past years, our management partners have gained an excellent reputation for building diversified investment portfolios. Our team consists of people with comprehensive investment experience, participating in M&A transactions and having completed transactions worth over EUR 1 billion in their portfolio.

EVIP meets the needs of the dynamically developing market by providing clients with integrated solutions in the field of financial, investment and strategic consulting.

Our Services

Based on long-term experience, competencies and modern methodologies EVIP offers original solutions within the scope of capital transactions,

strategic consulting and finances tailored to the needs of companies, corporations, capital groups and other organizations. We support companies during different growth phases, during Greenfield growth, as well as growth by consolidations and mergers. EVIP is the first Polish consulting company, which exists on the market for more than 35 years. We are the forerunner in creating modern standards and professional consulting in Poland. We possess vast experience in conducting capital transactions, acquiring financing, strategic and transaction consulting.

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Our investment portfolio consists of three key segments: real estate, fin tech and sci tech, with the share of real estate projects in the portfolio accounting for approximately 80%. We create investment projects that are both highly opportunistic and based on a conservative model. The assumed investment period is 12-60 months. The exit strategy depends on the profile of the project, its segment and the market situation.

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We possess many years of experience in mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies,

acquisitions and sales of companies as well as organized parts of enterprises and in obtaining financing for companies for various strategic goals with individually tailored financial engineering. We have been operating on the real estate market for several years, where through special purpose vehicles we create and implement, on our own account, development projects.

As part of the merger, acquisition and sale of share packages, our specialists identify partners for the transaction, build its structure, taking into account financial, management, legal and tax aspects, and we provide complex services, including conducting negotiations on behalf of the Client.

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