We possess many years of experience in mergers, acquisitions and sales of companies as well as organized parts of enterprises and in obtaining financing for companies for various strategic goals with individually tailored financial engineering. We have been operating on the real estate market for several years, where through special purpose vehicles we create and implement, on our own account, development projects.

As part of the merger, acquisition and sale of share packages, our specialists identify partners for the transaction, build its structure, taking into account financial, management, legal and tax aspects, and we provide complex services, including conducting negotiations on behalf of the Client. We have unique experience in the field of reorganization processes, ownership transformations, as well as techniques such as management buyouts (MBO / MBI) and buyouts supported by collateral on the acquired property (LBO / LBI).

Ewa Plucińska

Founder and Honorary President of EVIP Business Consulting Group

The Company’s History


Ewa Plucińska – a known lawyer and one of the first businesswomen in Poland funds EVIP, which becomes the basis for the growth of business in Poland. The company begins its business activity in the scope of legal, administrative and financial-analytical services. EVIP helped in establishing the first companies with international capital in Poland amongst, which were: Armatura Olesno with German capital, Stocznia Jachtowa in Szczecin with Swedish capital, PUMA with Jewish capital, La Panthera with Austrian capital and many, many others.


Ewa Plucińska initiated the establishment of EVIP International Sp. z o.o., which scope of services is dedicated to professional strategic consulting for Companies. One of the more important events on the market in that time period in Poland, which was begun by EVIP, and continued by EVIP International Sp. z o.o., was the introduction to the Polish market of many international investors, amongst which were such concerns as The Coca-Cola Company and Shell.


A natural consequence of the company’s growth was the establishment by Ewa Plucińska of the holding constituting of seven specialized consulting companies linked operationally and by capital to form EVIP Business Consulting Group. The Group which was managed and controlled by Ewa Plucińska was legally supported by the law office Kancelaria Prawna Plucińska i Wspólnicy sp. komandytowa.
During the transformation period of the Polish economy, EVIP Business Consulting Group became the largest Polish consulting company in Poland, taking part in conducting the largest privatization processes in Poland, including the privatization of: Polskie Huty Stali, Stocznia Gdańska S.A., Cefarm Warszawa S.A., Huta Oława S.A., Poznańskie Zakłady Przemysłu Spirytusowego „Polmos” S.A., WSK – PZL Rzeszów S.A. (for Pratt & Wittney) and others. EVIP Business Consulting Group conducted IPO’s on the Polish stock exchange for such companies as Softbank, Kopex, Kęty, S.A., Mostostal Siedlce, Hutę Oława and others.


One of the companies within the Group, EVIP Progress S.A., became an active co-investor in the acquisition of the Gdańsk Shipyard in bankruptcy. Until 2006, EVIP Progress S.A. was the co-owner, together with American Government Funds of the development Company Synergia 99, a spin off from the Gdańsk Shipyard, which result is the realization of one of the largest development projects in Poland: Młode Miasto Gdańsk www.mlodemiasto.pl.


Dynamic changes of the Polish market resulting from the need to adjust Poland to the European Union requirements and the globalization process force the owner of the Group to making drastic managerial changes in the Group’s capital structure. Ewa Plucińska makes a conscious decision regarding the reorganization of EVIP Business Consulting Group by limiting its resources and services to 3 companies, still acting as a Group, but not connected by capital. The Boards of Directors of these companies are strengthened by the appointment of Paula Plucińska and Filip Pluciński, the second generation, educated in the United States and Great Britain, in the area of modern business strategy.


Currently EVIP Business Consulting Group works mainly for medium sized, privately owned Companies. EVIP Centrum Sp. z o.o., offers professional strategic consulting for companies and support in the acquisition of financing, as well as IPO’s. Its main products are capital transactions encompassing mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale of shares/stocks, organized parts of companies and spanned of business lines. EVIP also conducts valuations of companies, trademarks, know how and goodwill.


EVIP Centrum Sp. z o.o. begins conducting development projects on its own account. The first own project started by the special purpose vehicle Polish Mountain Resort Szklarska Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. linked by capital is the development of a hotel facility with a SPA in Szklarska Poręba under the international brand Hôtels & Préférence.


EVIP Centrum becomes a co-owner of the special purpose vehicle Your Home Konstancin Sp. z o.o. through which a development project is carried out, assuming the construction of a modern Senior Home in Habdzin near Konstancin Jeziorna.
The developer brand Realvest is created by EVIP for special purpose vehicles conducting real estate and development projects. The first company to bear this brand is Realvest Piaseczno Sp. z o.o. established in 2019.


Establishment of the company Realvest Głogowska Sp. z o.o. for the construction of university flats in the heart of Poznań.
Establishment of EVIP Centrum Sp. z o.o. Realvest Konstancin Sp. K. for the project of building an exclusive housing estate of detached and semi-detached houses in Konstancin-Jeziorna.

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